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Off-Road Vehicles: A Brief History

Have you ever wondered about the history behind all of these amazing off-road vehicles? Who pioneered the technology? How did it become so popular?

9 Awesome UTV Trails in Southern Utah

There are way more than 9 places to bring your UTVs in Southern Utah. These, however, are 9 of our favorite Southern Utah offroad trails. Try them all!

Southern Utah Was Made For UTV Riding

It’s hard to imagine a more ideal location for Utah UTV rentals then Southern Utah. Perfect weather and the perfect landscapes create UTV heaven.

Happy New Year from Rent Utah Toys!

2018 should be a banner year for us if trends continue and we are thrilled for all of you to come out to the Sand Hollow dunes in Hurricane, UT to embark on an incredible UTV tour this year.

Touring Southern Utah’s Sand Dunes

If you have never toured Southern Utah’s sand dunes, you need to pull out your bucket list and add this to it. The dunes of So. Utah are a sight to behold.

3 Reasons To Not Buy an Off-Brand UTV

If you’re planning on buying your new UTV on a budget and are considering buying an off-brand UTV because it’s cheaper, please read this first.

The History of UTVs - Part 1

Ever wondered about the history of UTVs and other off-road vehicles? You’ll be surprised how interesting and fun this topic is! Click here and dive into the past of off-roading!

Top 5 Things To Do In Hurricane, UT

This is a city whose entertainment and adventure opportunities defy what you’d expect from a place of its size and population. Hurricane activities abound!

What Sets Rent Utah Toys Apart?

Thinking about booking some UTV adventures in Southern Utah but unsure about which one to call? Look no further. Rent Utah Toys is the way to go.

Wintertime Southern Utah Activities

Here are some great things that you can do in Southern Utah during the winter, including UTV rentals Utah. The St. George area is great all-year round!

Sand Hollow: One of Utah’s Best State Parks

Sand Hollow State Park Utah might be the State of Utah’s very best state park. There is so much to do and see there that you couldn’t possibly do it all it one day, or even one week!